GANYMEDE POETS, ONE: first annual anthology of all 38 poets published in the first six issues of the gay men’s quarterly GANYMEDE
172 pages, 6x9” perfect-bound paperback book, illustrated throughout with thematic photos
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POETS: David Ayllon, David Bergman, Bryan Borland, Brian Brown, Brandon Lacy Campos, C.P. Cavafy, Matt Cogswell, Sean Patrick Conlon, Steven Cordova, Ron Curlee, Jase Donaldson, Edward Field, Christopher Gaskins, R.J. Gibson, R. Nemo Hill, Matthew Hittinger, Walter Holland, Lee Houck, Jee Leong Koh, Matt Loney, Jeff Mann, Dug McDowell, Mark Milazzo, Stephen Mills, Michael Montlack, Robert Kulovec Müller, James Newborg, Eric Norris, Sergio Ortiz, Jon Rentler, Gregg Shapiro, Christopher Steven Soden, John Stahle, Matthew Stradling, P. Viktor, Ocean Vuong, Cyril Wong, Zhuang Yisa. Most poets have several poems in their sections.

"With mounting excitement and buzz, young gay poets have been emailing samizdat files of the poetry sections from each issue of the new gay men's quarterly Ganymede. Ganymede, which publishes an impressive range of writing and artsy visuals, decided to gather all their poets into one section each issue, and as those sections grew, they became a journal inside a journal, the finest and most essential survey of gay male poetry in English from around the world. Now, Ganymede has collected a year's worth of poets into its first annual anthology, Ganymede Poets One.

"This anthology sets new standards, not only for the pungent and varied content, but also for presentation. Each poet has his own section, usually with several examples plus bio alongside a very cute photo. But the editor also snatches some blazing phrase from the text to headline each section (Depart My Bone Cage, Sung through Spittle, At the Feet of Your Stare, Skin Against Flame, Holy Fire of the Forgotten). Page after page of these tags, combined with very cool art photos illustrating everything, make for quite a reading experience. Any poetry lover will jump in head first. Ganymede Poets One is an innovative, nearly overwhelming new player among poetry anthologies.", July 2009

"This anthology entices the reader’s every sense. The poems, mixed with art photographs, celebrate life with all its heartaches, pain, joy, wonder, fear, and loss. There are no bad selections and it’s almost impossible to choose favorites. From award-winners to newcomers, this anthology spans age and time to give intimate glimpses into the lives and hearts of the authors. First in a promised series of annual collections, this strong debut sets a high bar of quality."
--Rainbow Reviews, August 2009

"Like the journal itself, the book is beautifully produced... What impresses me the quality of the verse. There is more queer life between these covers than in virtually any gay novel...articulated by a range of voices, mostly young but varied in attitude and background... Read it as a strangely irrational postmodern novel—with sexy pictures."
--Gregory Woods in CHROMA, England's top gay lit journal, Oct 2009


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